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emphasis on MMORPGS.... because this is what I love in my life!

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onlyhugecock asked: I'd be glad to post you on my blog, but with a better quality gif. If you can provide me with a quality gif I'll post it. Sorry, just picky with what I post. You definitely qualify for my blog. ;)

ahh! thanks dude!

actually that gif is with superstrength blackmarket viagra and chinese herbal medicine :P

I can’t get hard otherwise, because of the estrogen pills I take hehe :)

will try and get something for you better quality soon then!

elder scrolls online


Ben meets Iboga spirit (ibogaman) of Bwiti spirituality & culture!
some funny things happened during filming that were unrehearsed

super-rare photos of moi with moustache

A Saudi woman’s claim that an expat taxi driver assaulted her was just a figment of her imagination, say Taif police who investigated the case.


- "Psychopaths always seek positions"

Latest mix. Very happy with this one :)

got invited into elder scrolls beta :D

excited !!

oestrogen and it&#8217;s effects (few weeks into it) :P

my three characters from guild wars 2. underworld server (EU)


new doodles